Now I love people who pay attention to detail and are very articulate when making decisions as much as the next guy, but isn’t it annoying when you have to keep explaining the same thing to someone and they don’t really get it or understand no matter how much descriptive you are being? This post is therefore for the early adopters, the people who are very fast and sharp in thinking that they don’t have to be told twice about anything. These are the people who know what they want, they understand and speak your language and just get you without even trying.

A word is enough for the wise they say, and Mr Bruno, from Mvera showed us in more ways than one, how he takes this notion seriously. This is a man who didn’t waste any time after hearing about Zuwa and its products. He instantly knew what he wanted and as if his unwavered interest from the get go was not enough, he decided to buy the macheza 19/ TV pack which is also the biggest home system Zuwa Energy offers!

Coupled with the fact he was the first in his village to purchase a solar light from another company a few months ago, which broke down three months later, it is amazing and overwhelming that this man made a decision to purchase a solar package again, from Zuwa Energy this time. A classic case of “go big or go home” I might add. We therefore celebrate sharp minds! #switchtosolar #solarrevolution #solarinmalawi #zuwaenergy

Handing over new product to customer by Davie.jpg