Quality solar panels can have a lifespan of 15-25 years if taken good care of. From our time spent in the field and talking to our customers, we discovered that few people know how to take good care of their panels.

In fact, the common complaint was that over time it takes longer for the panel to charge up the battery. We quickly discovered that few if any of them never cleaned their panels! Over time the panels become covered with dust and dirt. This in turn reduces the intensity that the sun ray’s penetration their absorbent surface, which then increases the time the battery takes to charge up.

We are on a sensitization push here at Zuwa Energy, to bring this simple awareness to the public so they better enjoy and get the full benefits of the products they buy from us.


Panels need to be cleaned every 3 months with a wet cloth to keep the surface clear. This will insure that even on an overcast day, the panel absorbs maximum solar power.

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